Where to look for single parent activities?

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Where to look for single parent activities? It's that time of year when we have the kids home for the summer and as we all know there are times when we need a little single parenting help from others who know what we go through on a daily basis. To help us break free from the same old routines of our single parenting lives.

There are many places to go, such as blogging or forums to network or connect with other parents. But what if you wanted to get out of the house? Especially now that you get no break from the kids. No one really hears of them. What about activities for parents that don't really have support systems? People that can give them the single parenting help they need.

At many schools there are networking blogs online.To help connect with other parents within your children's school. Asking the teacher if there are any events within the community. PTA is a possible resource for finding activities for single parents.

Where can you find fun inexpensive things to do that don't involve dragging kids from one event to another or spending an arm and a leg just to go on vacation. then there is finding a reliable inexpensive sitter. Along with the added stresses of not knowing exactly what is going on at home, if you wanted to go with out the kids . Even though you may have Nanny McPhee's mother as your sitter.

Not being able to just let loose without the guilt one is endowed with — it's in the unwritten pages of "How to Be a Single Parent", booklet Guilt 101, that they give you at time of birth or divorce, or whatever your circumstance may be. With all that being said, I have a few suggestions for parents who need a break from toddlers and tantrums.

I mean the ones we have when we are by ourselves wondering what happened to us?

Maybe you're attempting to enjoy an adult conversation with your new beau or gal and find yourself talking baby talk to her or spitting on the bottom of your t-shirt to wipe smuts off his face. Its common but, if you look there are people who relate, and can help you segue out of the baby talk transition into being able to have an intellectual conversation that doesn't involve poop or ways of extracting legos out of your two year old's nose. This takes little time and can reap big rewards. Making new connections with others and without a doubt making you a more balanced person and therefore a better parent.

One popular site that I recommend is oureverydaylife.com. It's a way of online networking in order to see what kind of events are available in your area.

Another is parentingwithoutpartners.org. PWP is a nonprofit organization that assists men and women from Canada to US with different activities.

I also recommend going to Pinterest they have many different suggestions and some great deals for activities for single parents as well as some exciting places to go. There are also some sites that offer special days for single parents such as Wilderness Lake in Sevierville,TN. My kids and I had lots of fun with the inside water park and hotel right there we didn't have to fight traffic and meals were inexpensive. The Inn at Laguna Beach if you want to make friends and take kids along to enjoy kid friendly beach.

There are many places you can find by word of "mouth" if you just get online and type in a few key words.

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